Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Our expertise in Strategic Consulting & Advisory stems from our multi-disciplinary services integrating Urban Planning, Real Estate Consulting, Pre-feasibility, Techno Economic Feasibility, Detailed Design and Project Management. Our work provides the foundation for successful project implementation by developing strategic frameworks for growth.

The aim of the Strategic advisory team is to assist our clients and provide them with innovative and sustainable planning solutions through integration of contemporary planning concepts and cutting-edge technology with an intent to provide "real" advantage from "real" estate.

Our acumen lies in providing consultancy for projects right from its nascent stage to the final implementation at site, enriched by our extensive experience in Feasibility Studies, Market Assessment, Demand Assessment, Financial Modelling, Project Planning and Viability.

The Sector is divided into six distinct sections which are provided the following services:
  • Infrastructure Advisory
  • Real estate Consulting
  • Townships and Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • "Smart City" Consultancy
  • Market Research & Analysis
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